What is Relationship Counselling?

Relationship counselling is a process whereby two or more people come together to talk about their problems in a non-judgmental, non-competitive environment. Couples counselling aims to enhance healthy romantic relationships and overcome interpersonal conflicts. It usually takes the form of group discussions with the help of facilitated discussions. The concept of this counselling is based on the belief that individuals are not perfectly capable of forming healthy relationships. In fact, all of us have certain limitations in terms of our potential to commit and maintain committed relationships.

Relationship Counselling Help

A couple may be facing relationship problems in the context of work and their relationship problems can affect their families. Sometimes, both partners might feel like pulling away from each other, as they begin to feel that they are losing control in the relationship. In situations where neither partner is willing to talk to the other one, relationship counselling can help you sort out your issues without having to take an official approach.

Solving Relationship Problems

When it comes to relationship counselling, different couples may need different kinds of strategies to solve their relationship problems. For some couples, a one-on-one relationship counsellor will be more helpful in guiding them to talk about their problems in a more dedicated manner. Some couples are less anxious to talk about their problems than others and thus require a more structured and controlled intervention. In cases where family conflict exists, a couples counsellor can provide valuable insights into how your partner's family problems are affecting him or her. Finally, when in doubt, a couples counsellor can provide valuable support by helping you identify what areas you need to focus on and how you can resolve them.

Relationship Counselling Posts

Key Factors in Healthy Relationships

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Communication in relationships

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What is Relationship Counselling?

RelationshipsRelationship is everything, everything in nature is connected. Due to this innate desire of connection which we all share, relationships are a central priority in most peoples lives. Humans are naturally wired to relate and be in community. The words – Relationship Counselling, may stimulate images of Couples Counselling. Although this is a thriving service […]

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